The Burgman Street 125EX, the newest model in Suzuki's line-up of entry-level maxi-scooters, has been unveiled for the European market. The Street 125EX is an economical, no-frills commuter with a focus on practicality and efficiency, similar to the Burgman Street that is currently offered in various Asian markets. Its maxi-scooter appearance distinguishes it from the other scooters in the 125cc class.

The Burgman Street 125EX is a compact premium scooter with a maxi-scooter design that was presented with Suzuki's other 125cc scooters at Intermot in Cologne, Germany. It comes in a package that is suitable for novice riders. Like the larger maxi-scooters we are accustomed to, the Burgman Street 125EX has athletic bodywork with an aggressive fascia and sharp, angular edges. After dark, a ride that inspires confidence is made possible by a full set of LED lights up front, in the rear, and on the turn signals.

Of course, a maxi-scooter wouldn't be complete without practical conveniences, regardless of its displacement. The Burgman Street 125EX features a ton of these, including a USB charger, lots of under-seat storage, and a place for you to keep your valuables on the front apron. A large, but non-adjustable windscreen, spacious floorboard, long seat that is ideal for two-up riding, and a completely digital instrument panel round out the list of high-end equipment.

New Suzuki Burgman 125EX Raises The Bar In The Entry-Level Scooter Segment

On the performance side of things, the new Burgman Street 125EX is impressive thanks to its new 125cc engine. It is equipped with the proprietary Suzuki Eco Performance Alpha (SEP-A) engine from the Japanese manufacturer, which promises maximum fuel efficiency and sufficient performance. The company claims that the upgraded Alpha engine, which the Street 125EX is the first to sport, is designed to maximize fuel efficiency while minimizing emissions.

Taking a closer look, the new engine is coupled to a Silent Starter System and collaborates with Suzuki's Engine Auo Stop-Start system (EASS) for even greater economy. Suzuki touts a remarkable efficiency rating of 124 miles to the gallon. Although Suzuki hasn't released the scooter's official price, you can anticipate it to be one of the more economical options in the market for entry-level maxi-scooters. Expect the new Suzuki Burgman Street 125EX to roll ito European showrooms by spring of 2023.

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