I’m certain that a lot of you ride your motorcycles whilst wearing a backpack, be it to carry your daily essentials, or simply to store some stuff you happen to pick up along your way. Indeed, there are a multitude of motorcycle-specific backpacks available in the market, all of which are designed to make hauling your daily essentials a breeze. Sometimes, these backpacks offer a certain degree of protection as well.

The idea of a two-in-one backpack designed as a bag and protective gear at the same time is nothing new. However, In&Motion, a motorcycle airbag specialist that’s been around since 2014, seeks to make things even better. The brand’s airbag systems can be found in some of the gear industry’s leading brands such as Furygan, RST, and even in the MotoGP.

The brand’s newest product is a nifty new airbag backpack called the Stan designed for low-speed two-wheeler riders such as cyclists and e-bike riders. Folks who commute around the city on their bigger bikes and scooters could also surely benefit from the added protection of this backpack, but it's important to note that it's designed primarily for use on bicycles.

Airbag Specialist In&Motion Is Working On A New Airbag Backpack

At a glance, the In&Motion Stan backpack looks like any old backpack. It features a sober design with a roll-top closure, and a slightly retro aesthetic. It has a carrying capacity of 18 liters in the main compartment. There’s a zipper on the side for you to store your easy-access essentials, as well as a row of loops that runs across the center of the bag for you to strap whatever extras you wish to carry along with you. The shoulder straps are fairly broad and cover a large portion of your shoulder, allowing you to wear the backpack for hours on end. Indeed, given its stylish design, the Stan can be mistaken as a regular backpack.

It’s when we dive into the technology that the Stan really sets itself apart. For starters, even without the airbag system, the Stan is much more protective than a standard backpack thanks to an integrated back protector. As for the airbag system, it’s completely autonomous, and makes use of various sensors to detect a fall. Once deployed, the cushion protects the neck, head, torso, and chest by puffing up into a gigantic marshmallow. Indeed, this is ideal for scooter riders and cyclists, as they often hit the road without the use of a protective jacket.

If you’re like me, and you’re eager to add the In&Motion Stan backpack to your collection of riding gear, well, I hate to break it to you, but the Stan isn’t available for purchase just yet. The company is still running some tests with the new backpack in order to ensure it operates perfectly, and offers the best protection possible. Nevertheless, In&Motion hopes to market the bag by the summer of 2023, with deliveries commencing by the tail end of 2023.

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