Brixton is an Austrian-owned motorcycle company who sources its models from China. Just a few years ago, the company was regarded as a beginner-focused brand with most of its offerings occupying the 125cc space. These days, however, Brixton has leveled up with bigger, more performance-oriented models, with a focus on style. The brand demonstrated this at EICMA 2022 with the introduction of a new concept bike called the Storr.  

Brixton Presents Two New Concept Bikes At EICMA 2022

The same-named rock structure on Scotland's Isle of Skye is where the term Storr was derived. According to Brixton, the region's arid nature is comparable to the ADV's untamed design. It's the first concept created by Brixton and the Salzburg-based design studio R!de. It is equipped with the Crossfire 500 series engine, a 486cc parallel-twin that generates 47.6 horsepower and 29.4 ft-lbs of torque. From the tall windscreen and forward-sloping tank to the long pillion saddle and backpack-style rear rack, the Storr is incredibly functional. It remains to be seen, though, if the concept's rough edges will make it into the series' production.

In addition to the Storr, Brixton unveiled a brand-new two-wheeler concept targeted at metropolitan commuters. The Layback is an electric scooter that, as its name implies, is quite laid-back. For the Layback's design, Brixton looked to the worlds of skating and surfing. In fact, the term alludes to a surfing maneuver in which the surfer leans extremely far back on the board. This translates to a very relaxing riding position on the Layback, making it ideal for hassle-free urban journeys.

Brixton Presents Two New Concept Bikes At EICMA 2022

It's also worth noting that the Layback is Brixton's first electric two-wheeler, with the wide battery pack situated low in the steel tubular frame providing a low center of gravity and added stability. At present, Brixton hasn't revealed any specs in terms of features and performance, however, we can assume that it's probably producing power that's far less than a commuter scooter, perhaps somewhere closer to the territory of e-bikes. Judging from the images, it has a hub motor, a rigid frame with a suspension seat, and inverted front forks. Disc brakes on both ends bring the electric two-wheeler to a stop.

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