On October 21, 2022, Shoei formally announced its newest full-face helmet, the X-Fifteen, in Japan. Helmet development doesn’t happen in a vacuum, but it does frequently involve a whole lot of time in a wind tunnel and on race tracks. Combining knowledge that the firm accumulated over time, the X-Fifteen is designed to offer impressive aerodynamic performance, even at speeds at and above 350 kilometers per hour (or 217.48 miles per hour). 

Lift is reportedly reduced by 1.6 percent as compared to the X-Fourteen, and drag resistance is lowered by 6.1 percent. Inside the visor, Shoei says it’s incorporated vortex generation technology to ensure a quieter headspace for riders who wear this helmet—all the better to concentrate on going fast, of course. Naturally, the visor is Pinlock- and tearoff-ready. 

Other features include improved ventilation, which is always a plus for anyone that wears a full-face helmet—and particularly those who do so on the tracks that the X-Fifteen is clearly designed for. The helmet’s interior utilizes Hygra fabric, which is a moisture-wicking, quick-drying fabric to optimize comfort and performance in those arenas.  

Gallery: Shoei X-Fifteen

Shoei particularly took input from MotoGP riders into play when redesigning the eye port and cheek pads for the X-Fifteen. The eye port is apparently located five millimeters higher than in the X-Fourteen, which is one of those things that may not immediately be evident at a casual glance, but which may be very noticeable if you put the two helmets on your head back-to-back. Visitors to Shoei official showrooms in Japan can further have their exact helmet fit fine-tuned using Shoei’s Personal Fitting System on-site at those locations. 

For even greater comfort and practicality, the X-Fifteen is also hydration-system compatible, so riders can ensure that they easily and comfortably stay hydrated while they’re nailing down those fast lap times. The X-Fifteen also gets a two-stage racing shield lock, which acts as an added layer of security to keep the shield on the helmet in the event of a crash. At the same time, the X-Fifteen also gets Shoei’s Emergency Quick Release System, so first responders can remove the helmet with minimal stress on a rider’s neck, should a crash occur. 

The Shoei X-Fifteen is expected to be available in Japan in January, 2023. No information has been announced about other markets just yet. Available colors at launch will be white, black, and matte black, and the MSRP will be ¥ 74,800 (about $510), including tax. 

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