Shoei unveiled two new graphic options that were made in collaboration with Cheetah Custom Cycles and Lucky Cat Garage. Both graphic collaborations will be available exclusively from Shoei’s online store starting this July 2022.

The Japanese brand has been on a roll lately fielding design after design. One of the more notable liveries to come from Shoei is for the RF-1400, as well as the J-Cruise among other lids.  These latest designs use the Shoei Glamster and the Shoei JO as the canvasses for the collaboration.

Starting with the JO, Lucky Cat Garage got the opportunity to make a unique design with the world-renown brand. The open-face jet helmet features Lucky Cat’s logo, that’s quite hard to miss, on the side of the shell. Spanning from the crown to the back of the lid is a two-sided arrow that’s comprised of smaller arrows inside. The most notable design that was incorporated into the graphic is the retro Shoei logo right down the middle finished in red-white-and-blue.

Gallery: Shoei JO Lucky Cat Garage Limited Edition

The Shoei JO features an advanced integrated matrix shell, a drop-down sun visor, and a leather tab that can be used to secure goggle straps to the simple and classic-looking lid. The price for such a piece is ¥49,500 JPY (¥45,000 JPY excluding tax), or about $400 USD including tax.

Meanwhile, the full-face Glamster gets two base color options for the Cheetah Garage graphics. You can get the limited-edition collab with either a blue base or a black base. Both variations, however, will sport the same graphics as designed by Cheetah Custom Cycle’s Toshiyuki Osawa.

The Glamster’s a well-loved model by retro bikers and even Vespa riders who want a helmet that is as glamorous as its name suggests. The lid is made out of the same Advanced Integrated Matrix shell as the JO. The graphics are indeed unique and unlike anything we’ve seen before. Perhaps the most notable design feature of this lid’s graphic is the asymmetrical placement of the Shoei logo, that’s colored orange on the blue version and red on the black version, instead of the traditional middle-of-the-forehead placement that the brand does on its regular colors. The price of this limited Glamster will come in at ¥59,400 JPY (¥54,000 JPY excluding tax) or about $470 USD.

Gallery: Shoei Glamster Cheetah Custom Cycles Limited Edition

Both models will be limited and available starting July 2022 of this year, and will be limited. If you do fancy the design and want one for yourself, make sure to ready your credit or debit cards to place your order the moment that it drops, if not, I might just get one for myself or both.

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