Shoei is undeniably one of the most well-known motorcycle helmet makers in the world. Sure, their helmets are among the most expensive in the market, but you can be guaranteed that your noggin is being kept safe by the best safety tech the world has ever seen. Apart from being safe, Shoei’s helmets look good and cover all riding styles. The Japanese manufacturer recently unveiled new graphics for its most popular helmets. Let’s take a closer look.


Check Out Shoei’s New Graphics For The GT-Air II, EX-Zero, and J-Cruise II

One of Shoei's best-selling, all-around full-face helmets is the GT-Air II. It's primarily intended as a premium full-face touring helmet with features including a built-in drop-down visor, Pinlock compatibility, and SENA intercom compatibility. The QUBIT, a new graphic option for the GT-Air II, will be available soon. The styling has a unique design that features a blue and white zebra pattern on an asymmetric matte black basis.

The left side of the shell has a deep blue mesh design, while the right side has a white scrubbed tile pattern, giving the shell an entirely distinct look depending on the perspective. Despite this, it doesn't have an overly ostentatious appearance and manages to project a sleek and sporty vibe. As a result, it's simple to pair with your favorite riding clothing, whether sporty or relaxed, as well as a variety of bikes.


Check Out Shoei’s New Graphics For The GT-Air II, EX-Zero, and J-Cruise II

The EX-Zero is Shoei’s interpretation of a classic-style full-face helmet adapted for modern-day safety. Its silhouette is unmistakable retro, and looks perfectly at home on the heads of today’s scrambler and cafe racer aficionados. The EX-Zero EQUATION is the newest graphic option for this lid, and is a limited-order production model featuring the TC-11 colorway on a white background. Specifically, it adds a splash of cool color to your getup with blue gradient stripes atop a white base color.

The EX-Zero EQUATION is set to hit the market in June, 2022, and carries with it all the standard features of other EX-Zero variants, such as a retractable sun visor with a CJ-3 Shield. The newest color dubbed Ikujon makes its debut this year, and is accompanied by six solid colors, and one other EQUATION colorway.

Shoei J-Cruise II CURIOUS

Check Out Shoei’s New Graphics For The GT-Air II, EX-Zero, and J-Cruise II

The J-Cruise II is an open-face helmet that achieves the same level of wind-proofing and quietness as a full-face helmet by extending the lower end of the shield. It’s ideal for in-city commuting on scooters and cruisers, and features excellent breathability created by rigorous wind tunnel testing. This makes the J-Cruise II a helmet that can be easily worn for a wide range of purposes, from city riding to touring.

The newly added graphic model called CURIOUS takes the form of a beautiful plant motif. The finely drawn petals and leaves are geometric and are very much attune to cultural designs of Japan. The color combinations of white and pink exude the aura of the iconic Cherry Blossoms of Japan, while the and Black and Orange colorway is meant to represent the autumn leaves. The new helmet is set to debut in Japan in June, 2022, as well.

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