A set of new graphic options are available for Shoei’s RF-1400 and GT-Air II. Beloved by many riders and awarded many times over, these two lids will be available now with the new schemes that have some pretty interesting colors and patterns.

The RF-1400 is a full-face all-purpose lid from Shoei that’s considered to be one of the gold standards for many motorcyclists in terms of safety and premium features. Its fiberglass shell and premium features make it a highly-desirable lid for many around the world, and it’s also known as the Z-8 in other markets if you didn’t know. As a lightweight sport or all-purpose helmet, it can fit pretty much any riding style or bike.

Shoei RF-1400 Accolade

The Accolade colorway comes in a flat grey base with blue and neon graphics laid on top. The style seems to call out to urban and street riders in Japan with its cyberpunk-like style, and its prolific use of Japanese characters throughout the helmet. All-in-all, it’ll probably fit exceptionally well with Yamaha’s MT series of motorcycles which bring out the “dark side of Japan.” This helmet fits the aesthetic of an urban rider pretty well, with a bit of techno mixed in.

As for the GT-Air II, Shoei’s long-distance touring lid gets three colorways under the Tesseract name, the TC-1, TC-5, and TC-10. The GT-Air II is made for long-distance tourers who value protection and comfort even after miles and miles on the saddle. The dual-visors in the GT-Air II adds a lot of versatility to the model, while its robust ventilation system helps it live up to its namesake.

Shoei GT-Air II Tesseract
Shoei GT-Air II Tesseract
Shoei GT-Air II Tesseract

The new colorway incorporates some rather interesting patterns that feature gradients, and asymmetry to create a unique look along with a bunch of tiny Shoei logos on the side of the helmet. The helmets come in three color options, namely matte black with red and gray graphics for the TC-1, matte black with white and gray graphics for the TC-5, and glossy white with red, black, and blue graphics for the TC-10.

All colorways for the RF-1400 and the GT-Air II will be available for purchase starting May 2022 as a limited-run production. So that means that if any of these options tickle your fancy and suit your style, you better be ready to place your orders for your proper size before it’s all gone.

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