There is something immensely satisfying about seeing a bike get restored to its former glory. Thirty years since this bike left the production line, it gets a new lease on life as Restorations Skills, a Vietnamese YouTube channel, gives it some much-needed TLC after being destined for the scrap heap.

The Honda Super Cub C70 is one of the most popular bikes in the world that sold in the millions and served as many motorcyclists’ workhorses for many years. Spare about half an hour of your time in order to see this little commuter motorcycle get a complete restoration from a rusty bucket of bolts to a like-new bike.

It all starts from what looks like a junk shop. At this point, the bike was picked out of the pile and brought by Restorations Skills to his little workshop. The bike was taken apart panel by panel, and bolt by bolt, to see just how deep father time affected the little cub. After a thorough clean, sanding, blowtorching, and some spot welds, the frame moved on to the paint booth where it was treated to a brand-new yellow paint job.

After that, new wheels were fitted onto the bike, with new tires to boot. Seeing the bike come together in the latter parts of the video was immensely satisfying, and you could see the bike take its shape right before your eyes. Restorations Skills even put shiny badges, restored the gauge cluster, and refreshed the bike’s luggage racks and seat.

Then, finally, we get a full roll of before and after shots. He even got the indicator sound to chime! Oddly enough, Restorations Skills did not fit a motorcycle chain onto the bike, and he didn’t start it up. It is likely that the motor was or will be restored, though let that not take away from the hard work and effort that went into restoring this cub and producing this lovely video. If this didn’t quite do it for you, or if you want to see more, his channel is definitely worth a look.

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