When it comes to motorcycle maintenance, we can go on and on discussing the quirks and hacks of keeping your bike in tip-top shape. Out of all the possible maintenance tasks, both big and small, the chain is by far one of the most overlooked. That being said, keeping your chain in good shape pays dividends down the road, not just in terms of maintenance and repair costs, but also overall ride quality. 

I've lost count of all the times that I've seen a fellow motorcyclist with a bike whose chain was in dire need of maintenance. I'll admit, there was a time that I, too, allowed my chain to fall into such a state of disrepair that I had to replace it a lot sooner than my owner's manual recommended. That being said, there are tons of chain maintenance, or as I'd like to call it, chaintenance, kits available. To add to the ever-growing list of quick and easy cleaning products is WD-40 and its new chain maintenance kit.

Keep Your Chain Happy With WD-40's New Chain Maintenance Kit

WD-40 is known the world over for its affordable and effective chemical solutions ideal for home and automotive use. In recent years, the company has expanded into the motorized two-wheelers segment with its Specialist range of products. The WD-40 Chain Maintenance kit is definitely a must-have in any motorcyclist's garage. This simple, no-frills kit is a barebones as it gets, and consists of one can of chain cleaner, one can of chain lube, and a simple brush. 

WD-40 states that its motorcycle chain cleaner removes dirt, dust, and grime from the chain. Compatible with O, X, or Z O-rings, it dries in a few minutes and can easily be rinsed along with all the dirt and grime. The kit includes a special brush designed specifically to clean your bike's chain from all angles, making it easier and quicker to get the job done. Once your chain is nice and clean, dry it up with some rags and spray on some chain lube. WD-40's Chain Grease has anti-fling properties, and protects it from rust and corrosion, too. 

WD-40's new Chain Maintenance kit is available online at a price of just 25.99 Euros, or around $29.36 USD. Of course, WD-40 also has a full range of useful products designed to keep your bike in tip-top shape. All these products are available in hardware stores all over the world, as well as on WD-40's official website linked below.

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