While rumors have been flying in 2022 about the possibility of a Ducati Diavel V4, that’s all they’ve been up until this point. However, in early September, 2022, we’ve managed to get our hands on some spy photos that show off the project with fairly good clarity.  

The bike does wear a little bit of black wrapping to disguise itself, but it’s almost a halfhearted disguise. At one point in the run of photos, it appears that the Diavel V4 test rider has stopped to gas up—probably something that riders will have to do often, since it’s a V4.  

While the rider was off the bike, the spy photographer snapped a few shots of just the bike by itself—and you can clearly see the embroidered “Diavel V4” stitching at the back of the seat. In other closeup shots, you can see a bit of Ducati red paint peeking out beneath the hastily-installed, wrinkly, matte-black wrap. 

Gallery: Ducati Diavel V4 Spy Photos

The styling, from what you can see, is still pure Diavel. Even before you notice the engine, the first thing that draws your eye is the four slash-cut exhaust tips that now occupy space on the lower right-hand side of the bike. Where two sufficed before, the Diavel V4 obviously wants to make sure it’s easily distinguished from its V2 siblings—and not just by its sound. 

The single-sided swingarm remains, of course—so Ducatisti can breathe a little easier. The headlight is clearly Diavel, and the intake scoops on either side are still there, although the shape appears slightly different. Overall, the impression of lean, muscular lines and a panther on the stalk remains with this update, despite accommodations clearly having been made for the larger powerplant. 

The abbreviated tail that tucks up neatly just behind the rider is distinctly Diavel, as is the way it visually pairs with the rear hugger, which holds the taillight cluster and license plate bracket. It’s a tidy design choice that’s carried through from the V2 version. As for how the engine might be tuned, as well as any other specs—that’s all information we look forward to finding out in the not-too-distant future.  

How soon can we expect to see the production version of the Diavel V4? It’s now September 9, 2022—and Ducati has only just started to roll out its 2023 models. It’s only streamed one of its live World Premiere unveilings so far, for the Ducati Streetfighter V4 Lamborghini—so there are still several more to go, not to mention EICMA. Could we see it appear before the end of 2022? It’s certainly possible.

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