On August 7, 2022, Royal Enfield released what could quite possibly be the most versatile motorcycle in its 350cc model range, the Hunter 350. Built on the same chassis as the Meteor 350 and Classic 350, the Hunter 350 serves as the Indian manufacturer’s third model in its entry-level series. Designed for a more urban audience, the Hunter 350 takes the form of a classic-style roadster, rather than a cruiser like its two siblings.

Earlier in August, Janaki flew all the way to Bangkok, Thailand to get a taste of RE’s newest roadster. Needless to say, she was pretty impressed with how the bike was able to slice and dice through heavy traffic. Be sure to read her full first ride review, especially if you’re one of the many eager customers waiting to get their hands on the Hunter 350 which, incidentally, is now making its way to dealerships in India.

2023 Royal Enfield Hunter 350 - Rebel Blue

Specific to the Indian market, the Hunter 350 is available in two variants—Retro and Metro. While both models are perfectly suited for the urban jungle, the Metro version keeps it simple with alloy wheels measuring 17 inches on both ends. Meanwhile, the Retro variant gets stylish 17-inch wire-spoke wheels, adding a dash of classic style into the mix. Apart from the different wheels and a variety of colorways, the two variants are pretty much identical.

Underneath the bike's classic styling lies an equally retro engine. Devoid of any fancy tech and performance features apart from electronic fuel-injection, the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 packs a 350cc single-cylinder engine just like the Meteor and Classic 350 before it. On tap is a measly 20 horsepower at 6,100 rpm, and 18.9 ft-lbs of torque at 4,000 rpm. That means commuters are in for a punchy ride at lower revs, perfect for commuting around the city and overtaking slower vehicles at low speeds.

As mentioned, in the Indian market, the Hunter 350 is available in either Retro or Metro variants, with, as expected from Royal Enfield, a multitude of color options to choose from. For starters, the base trim level is available in either Retro Factory Black or Retro Factory Silver paint schemes, with prices starting at Rs 149,900 ($1,878 USD). Moving up the ladder, the Metro trim is available in Metro Dapper White, Metro Dapper Ash, and Metro Dapper Gray color schemes for Rs 163,900 ($2,053 USD), and Metro Rebel Black, Metro Rebel Blue, and Metro Rebel Red for Rs 168,900 ($2,116 USD).

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