Ducati's Desert Sled sets itself apart from the rest of Ducati's Scrambler lineup thanks to the fact that it's a bike that's actually equal parts show and go. Now, I'm not dissing the rest of Ducati's Scrambler model range, but it can't be denied that the other models in the Scrambler range are more of style and lifestyle icons. That said, aftermarket options for the likes of the Desert Sled are more off-road focused, and as such, extra burly.

Such is the case with the newest exhaust option from Zard. Dubbed the Zuma, this slip-on exhaust system accentuates the Desert Sled's scrambler aesthetic, giving it a sort of vintage-enduro look and feel. The Zuma slip-on pipe is made of stainless steel and maintains Euro5 homologation while being lighter. The Zuma will weigh 4.7 kg less than the Desert Sled's regular exhaust when it is in compliance with Euro 5. A "Racing" variant is also available, saving 4.9 kilograms. The best thing is that neither the Euro 5 nor the Racing editions need any aftermarket modifications or ECU remapping.

Zard Debuts New Zuma Exhaust For Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled

Apart from weight savings and performance gains, the Zard Zuma exhaust system tidies up the look of the Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled. Its conical shape gives the bike a much more race-focused aesthetic, while the optional stainless-steel end cap and laser-etched logo give it a more sophisticated look. The Zuma slip-on system is a quick and easy installation, mounting directly onto the bike's stock midpipe. It's affixed by a bracket that mounts to the stock exhaust's mounting points, while retention springs keep the exhaust pipe firmly attached to the midpipe.

When it comes to pricing, Zard is known to sit in the more affordable price bracket when compared to its more mainstream counterparts. For the Euro 5-compliant version, you're looking at a retail price starting at 909 Euros, which equates to around $928 USD. For those who want an even fancier-looking exhaust system, Zard is offering a bunch of extras which inevitably raise the cost of the exhaust system. These include a stainless-steel end cap and a laser-etched logo, which give the pipe a much more boutique aesthetic. All these add-ons drive the price up to 1,128 Euros, or the equivalent of around $1,151 USD. 

Zard Debuts New Zuma Exhaust For Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled
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