Back in July, 2022, we first told you about Ryvid, the Irvine, California-based new electric motorcycle company on the block. Its first bike, the Anthem, boasts a unique design crafted by what the firm credits as its team of “aerospace industry gearheads.” Just a month ago, it was getting ready to launch—and as of August 14, 2022, preorders are now officially open on the Ryvid website. 

One thing that Ryvid’s founders are hoping will set it apart is the fact that it’s both designed and assembled in the U.S. Now, unless you’re in a position to make every single component yourself, just about every OEM (large or small) sources components from a number of places and manufacturers. There are, after all, specialists who’ve spent decades developing their respective expertise in their specific niches (brake component experts in particular come to mind).

Range is a claimed 75 miles in Eco mode, or 50 in Sport mode (if you don’t use the regen braking at all), and top speed is 75 mph. Peak torque is 53 pound-feet. Suspension consists of an inverted front fork with adjustable damping, and a rear shock with adjustable damping and rebound.  

Gallery: Ryvid Anthem Launch Edition

Brakes are set up a little differently on this electric bike as compared to combustion bikes you may have ridden in the past. The right lever operates the front brake as normal, but the left lever is how you operate the rear—there's no clutch on this bike. There’s a 310mm brake disc with a four-piston caliper up front, and a 240mm brake disc with a two-piston caliper in the rear. The Ryvid Anthem rolls on a set of 17-inch wheels, which should open up your choices if you want to fit aftermarket rubber. No specific details are given about the stock tires. 

Ryvid also offers its proprietary Ergo-Easy adjustable ride height seat, which can give riders options ranging between 30 and 34 inches. If it works as described, that kind of rider inclusion could make both shorter and taller riders feel more confident and comfortable on this bike. 

The Anthem features a removable battery, which can be quick-swapped if you just want to keep going and don’t want to sit and wait between three and six hours for a charge. (Time depends on if you’re using a 220V or a 110V outlet.) The battery is also lockable to the bike for added peace of mind, and the unit comes with wheels on the bottom so you don’t have to worry about carrying it around off the bike—just roll it instead. 

Now, what sets the Launch Edition apart? It’s a numbered edition of the Anthem, limited to just 1,000 total units. Owners get $500 off delivery costs on the Launch Edition, as well as additional perks including 10 percent off Ryvid accessories, and exclusive access to Ryvid events and new product releases in the future.  

The Ryvid Anthem Launch Edition comes in your choice of three colors: Carbon Grey, Rapid White, or Atomic Gold. The price at launch is $7,800—not including delivery fees (although there is that $500 discount on the launch edition). As of August 2022, deliveries of the Ryvid Anthem Launch Edition are expected to begin sometime in Summer 2023.

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