It is acknowledged that fashion plays a significant role in the satisfaction our love of two wheels brings. Apart from actually riding our bikes, we all want to look good doing it, and the best way to achieve this is with riding gear that is both safe and fashionable. The world of riding gear is expanding much as bikes do in terms of aesthetics, and manufacturers are incorporating styling cues from the world of sports into their gear offerings. 

The ideal illustration of this is the motorcycle sneaker. The clunky design of touring or ADV riding boots isn't to everyone's taste. Casual riders occasionally desire motorcycle gear that doesn't stray too far from the fashion of everyday clothing. As a result, the majority of motorcycle sneakers combine all the necessary safety characteristics of motorcycle shoes with a stylish design and everyday comfort. Furygan, a French manufacturer of motorbike accessories and equipment, plays the streetwear card with its Get Down shoe for its 2022 line.

Up Your Style With Furygan's Get Down Riding Sneakers

Furygan's Get Down riding sneakers are said to be inspired by basketball shoes. Now, I know absolutely zero about basketball, but even I can see the styling cues on these sneakers that resemble basketball shoes. As such, it should be perfect for those looking for a versatile pair of kicks that can be used both on and off the bike. My guess is the Get Down will maybe be a bit heavy for actually playing basketball in.

However, this sneaker from the French equipment company is actually safety equipment underneath its highly urban appearance. In addition to polyester mesh panels and a waterproof and breathable membrane, it is comprised of a synthetic microfiber that provides abrasion resistance. The Get Down includes D3O protections at the malleolus in addition to reinforcements at the heel and toe of the foot for further safety. Last but not least, an abrasion-resistant substance makes up the selection zone. The Get Down is granted a CE safety clearance thanks to all these characteristics.

In addition, Furygan equipped its urban sneaker with a lace-up fastening with a Velcro flap, a detachable insole, a back tab for simple wearing, and side reflective accents. The Furygan Get Down sneakers are offered in three colors, and come with two pairs of black and white laces. They're priced at 149.90 euros, which is equivalent to $153 USD, and come in sizes ranging from 37 to 47.

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