MV Agusta’s rich Grand Prix history, envelope-pushing performance, and aggressive yet graceful design language have defined the Italian marque for decades. That elevated product leads to elevated price tags, though, making the boutique brand a hit with older, nostalgic riders.

However, MV Agusta has gone the extra mile to attract younger generations in recent years. The firm’s MV Stories webcomic played into the recent anime craze in July, 2021. It’s no coincidence that the company released its first streetwear capsule collection less than one week later. MV even courted the hypebeast crowd with an appearance at ComplexCon in October, 2021.

Each new campaign endeavored to draw youths to the brand, but the new Joyride promotion hopes to actually put more new riders into MV Agusta saddles. Available to customers in Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Germany, Luxemburg, Belgium, and the Netherlands, the initiative unlocks a €500 ($515 USD) accessories and clothing voucher for customers purchasing entry-level Rosso models.

MV Agusta Rosso Joyride Promotion - Lineup

“This initiative is the latest in a wider series of promotions that we have activated throughout Europe in support of our growth strategy,” revealed MV Agusta Global Sales Director Raffaele Giusta. “Each of the latest-generation MV Agusta models has had great success. With the “Joyride” operation, we aim to consolidate the positioning of the Rosso range as a privileged entry point into the MV Agusta world for the new generations of bikers, increasing brand awareness in all European markets and promoting the sale of special parts, accessories, and branded clothing.”

Including the Brutale Rosso and Dragster Rosso naked bikes, and Turismo Veloce Rosso sport-tourer, the Rosso lineup favors MV Agusta’s detuned 798cc inline-triple that produces 110 horsepower. The F3 Rosso sportbike is the only family member that retains the triple’s original 147-horsepower rating, but it foregoes the F3 RR’s carbon fiber cladding, chassis refinements, and performance upgrades.

The Rosso promotion should capitalize on MV Agusta’s youth-centered campaigns, especially if it helps youngsters purchase trendy new swag along with a new “accessible” MV.

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