Back in July, 2021, MV Agusta released its first-ever streetwear capsule clothing collection. While the scion of Schiranna prides itself on its strong motorsport heritage, it’s equally interested in design. Now that it’s May, 2022, MV Agusta just dropped its new Logo Level 2 collection as the next chapter in the series. 

Building from the MV Agusta red quilted bomber jacket introduced in Logo Level 1, the Logo Level 2 collection includes two new colors for that piece: Yellow and Black. Each one is striking, with the classic MV Agusta crown logo taking pride of place at the center of the design.  

The real standout in the Logo Level 2 collection, though, has to be the clothing created in tribute to the one and only Giacomo Agostini. The Logo Level 2 Ago Souvenir Jacket comes in a fawn-beige velvet bearing the MV Agusta Crown on the front and “Ago” in bold, black script across the back. There’s also a matching pair of Logo Level 2 beige velvet pants (complete with knee patches) if you want to continue the look on your lower half. 

Gallery: MV Agusta Logo Level 2 Clothing Collection

Either of those special Ago items can, of course, readily be mixed and/or matched with any of the other clothing items in the Logo Level 2 collection (or, you know, any of your other clothes). A variety of casual clothing is represented here, from t-shirts to hoodies to sweatshirts. There’s also a windbreaker, if the weather doesn’t really call for a quilted bomber jacket or that Ago logo jacket.  

Prices range from $62 for a Logo Level 2 Extended Logo T-Shirt up to $326 for the Logo Level 2 Ago Souvenir jacket. As of May 11, 2022, all items are currently listed as being available for sale directly from MV Agusta via its online store. There’s no specific mention of how many of each item will be available for sale, though the assumption is that it will be limited in some way, since that was the case last time. If you’re interested in getting your hands on any of this clothing, the store does offer free shipping on orders over €100 (about $105).

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