In June, 2021, MV Agusta premiered a documentary it created, called You See A Bike. Any OEM’s 75th anniversary would naturally be a cause for celebration, but MV Agusta’s 75th just happened to fall during 2020, while the world was first learning to grapple with the ongoing covid pandemic. Still, like a lot of other people, MV saw this as a challenge to be overcome, not a complete stop-in-its-tracks moment. It adapted, and it carefully put together this very special documentary anyway. 

Of course, the thing about documentaries like these is that we might know they exist—but sometimes, it’s not easy to see them. They spend a lot of time making the circuit of film festivals for a while, garnering discussion and perhaps praise, but many of us only hear about them instead of watching them for ourselves. 

Now, at the end of March, 2022, MV Agusta’s You See A Bike is at last available on not one, not two, but three separate, widely popular streaming services. Odds are pretty good that you, as a fan of entertainment in 2022, probably have access to at least one of the following platforms: AppleTV, Google Play, or Amazon Prime Video.  

Heck, you could even cue up this documentary in another tab after reading about it here if you want. The film was directed by Andrea Manenti, produced by Addiction-PianoB, and distributed by Italian moto publication Moto.IT. Participants spoken to for this doc include Horacio Pagani, Roland Sands, Ottavio Missoni, Thibaut Nogues, Gigi Soldano, Giacomo Agostini, Virginio Ferrari, and Carl Cox. MV Agusta CEO Timur Sardarov and several MV employees also make appearances as well, like you’d expect.  

To all of the people involved in this documentary—and indeed, to all of us who would be interested in this kind of thing in the first place—a bike is never just a bike. That’s the entire point. It’s so much more than that, but what is it exactly? That varies based upon who’s looking at it. We all bring our own stories, perceptions, and preconceptions to the bikes that we ride—and that’s part of what makes motorbikes so fascinating. MV Agusta knows this instinctively, and wants to make sure that we do, too. 

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