Many of us like to think our bikes have personalities of their own. For example, some bikes—like some people—have a tough time starting up when it’s cold out. As riders, we also sometimes like to assign different traits to our bikes as we get to know them. Is it just your imagination, or did your bike start running a little rough after you started talking trash about some part of it you don’t like?  

In July, 2021, MV Agusta decided to take this shared rider quirk to a whole new level. It reached out to Scuola Internazionale di Comics di Reggio Emilia’s Academy of Visual Arts and New Media to help create an exclusive MV Agusta comic series.  

Why do we like the bikes we like? MV asserts that each of its bikes draws particular personalities to them, so it imagined each of its models as riders. You get to learn more about the Turismo VeloceBrutale, four-cylinder Brutale, Rush, Dragster, F3, and the Turismo Veloce Rosso. As of July 23, 2021, only the first episode featuring rider Cesare and his Turismo Veloce is available to view on MV’s website. 

Gallery: MV Stories Character Designs

The series is written by Tommaso De Stefanis, with artwork by Davide Castelluccio. It’s not clear at this time if there’s a regular release schedule planned for the remaining stories. There are eight riders in total, and the website appears as though there could be multiple chapters to tell each character’s story. Reading the Episode One comic for Cesare definitely seems like it’s just one chapter in whatever tale MV wants to tell about this rider, so it seems very likely there will be more to it. 

“To capture new audiences, and venture into new markets, you have to keep an open mind and must not be afraid of doing things differently. MV Agusta is currently expanding its customer base and entering new segments of our industry,” MV Agusta marketing director Filippo Bassoli said in a statement. 

“This comic series is a small revolution in the way we have traditionally communicated our brand. It is also an evolution, since the new narrative around our latest models is clearly aimed at the younger generation bikers, but also appeals to a more mature clientele. The eight characters chosen to appear in the comic represent the augmented embodiment of our fans’ aspirations for their respective MV Agusta models,” he continued. 

“But apart from any branding and marketing considerations, these stories are fun to read, well written and superbly drawn. I am sure MV Agusta fans around the world will enjoy them and feel part of a wider community that extends beyond borders and social boundaries,” Bassoli concluded. 

So far, MV Agusta is releasing its MV Stories comic series on its website, with no mention of any plans to issue it in any other format. It’s available for free, listed simply as MV Stories under the MV World portion of the Company menu. 

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