As we’ve said before and will probably say again, riders are everywhere. We’re in all kinds of professions, have all kinds of interests, and just generally enjoy all kinds of things. Still, like any good niche, we’re always looking to tell more people about our favorite thing. Right? Right.  

For a long time, OEMs have talked about how to get the attention of new riders. In recent time, we’ve been seeing a bunch more collaborations with streetwear designers, from Vespa x Sean Wotherspoon to Piaggio x Feng Chen Wang. Now MV Agusta is joining the party, albeit in a slightly different way. For the first time ever, MV is headed to ComplexCon in 2021, which will take place on November 6 and 7 in Long Beach, California. 

MV collaborated with architecture and design firm Crosby Studios for an exhibit called, very simply, The Garage. Crosby founder and principal designer Harry Nuriev created the project, extensively utilizing his signature gray-and-white checkerboard pattern. Inside Nuriev’s Garage, you’ll find a custom MV Agusta F3, as well as an MV Agusta AMO RC e-bike.  

Gallery: Crosby Studios x MV Agusta at ComplexCon 2021

“For me, a garage is a symbol of a workshop — a place that births new ideas, and allows creators to escape reality,” Nuriev said in a statement. 

“A garage also brings back a lot of childhood memories, from when I used my family’s garage as a craft workshop. I'm always challenging myself to find different avenues to express my design — this time it’s through motorcycles. I’m really fascinated by the sleek, sexy, shape and design of a motorcycle, and am thrilled to be working with MV Agusta to work with this new medium,” he concluded. 

“MV Agusta is increasingly popular in the US, and is perceived as a true design icon among the millennials who make up the majority of the ComplexCon crowds,” MV Agusta CEO Timur Sardarov added. 

“We are constantly exploring new ways of being meaningful and relevant to that very important segment, and ComplexCon offers our brand a perfect opportunity to connect and communicate in a unique way. Harry Nuriev’s work has taken design and function one step further, entering the dimension of art and emotions — a concept that strongly resonates with MV Agusta’s Motorcycle Art spirit. We are thrilled to take part in this year’s event as the centerpiece of Harry Nuriev’s brilliant installation, and couldn’t dream of a better debut and a better partner. We are looking forward to making our mark at ComplexCon 2021,” Sardarov concluded.

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