The new Ducati Monster 937 has got a few purists a little skeptical, but the model is undoubtedly better with an exhaust system. Making that L-twin sing its bassy and aggressive tune is all part of the experience, and Zard has just the exhaust for the new Monster.

Zard Ducati Monster 937 Exhaust Rear Quarter View

Zard brings a concoction of stainless steel and carbon fiber to the new Ducati Monster 937. The twin-can design is blacked-out and stealthy with the Zard logo being the only hit of red on the system. It’s no full exhaust by any means being made to conform to the Euro 5 emissions standards, you have to keep the cat on the bike.

Zard Ducati Monster 937 Exhaust
Zard Ducati Monster 937 Exhaust Heat Shield

As far as its design goes, there are three pieces that are made from carbon fiber, and those are the twin diagonal carbon tips, as well as the heat shield that meets the mid-pipe of the Ducati. On top of that, Zard has also thoughtfully shaped the canisters with aerodynamics and heat dissipation in mind, opting for a design that slips through the air and disperses the heat efficiently while riding. This attention to detail can be seen in the carbon fiber heat shield that acts like a spoiler in order to redirect air to add to the aerodynamic and heat dispersion effects on the system.

Zard Ducati Monster 937 Exhaust Close Up
Zard Ducati Monster 937 Exhaust Rear View

For other parts included in the box, the innovative carbon heat shield is a standard addition to the kit as well as a DB killer that slots into both of the muffler’s tips in case there are noise regulations to worry about.

On the topic of performance, Zard states that the system weighs only 3.1 kilograms or 6.8 pounds. Power and torque gains are not yet published by Zard, but the brand claims that there is a “significant increase, compared to the original exhaust system, in terms of torque and power at any range,” followed by the phrase “astonishing sound.” If that’s enough to get you to order the system, be prepared to pay €860.66 EUR or about $900 USD for the slip-on.

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