Harley-Davidson completely redefined its middleweight, entry-level cruiser platform when it launched the 2021 Sportster S. The all-new 1,252cc, 60-degree, Revolution Max V-twin, multi-piece trellis frame, and modern electronic aids ushered in a new era for the legendary model. Despite the forward-thinking form, the Motor Company harkened back to its flat track glory days with the radical new design.

Like any street tracker worth its salt, the Sportster S boasts a high-mounted exhaust system, but Italian exhaust specialists Zard think they can improve on the stock styling with the new Top Gun and GT exhaust systems. Draped in a matte black finish and carbon fiber heat shields, both offerings enhance both the form and function of the latest-generation Sportster.

Gallery: Zard Top Gun and GT Exhaust: Harley-Davidson Sportster S

Zard constructs the Top Gun and GT from stainless steel and configures both pipes in a 2-into-1-into-2 layout. The two systems may share similar arrangements, but each establishes its own identity with unique cosmetics. The Top Gun favors straight-cut carbon-fiber end caps and a slightly stepped composition. Compared to the Top Gun’s high-mounted silencers, the GT goes for longer end cans with slash-cut carbon-fiber end caps.

While the GT and Top Gun have their own individual styles, they both save 8.6 pounds on the stock exhaust. Zard doesn’t just shave weight from the Harley, though. The new systems also gain 2.4 horsepower and 7.2 lb-ft of torque, which brings the Revolution Max 1250T’s total to 123.4 ponies and peak torque to 101.2 lb-ft.

The GT and Top Gun meet Euro 5 homologation standards thanks to Db killer and don’t require ECU modifications. However, removing the Db killer will void the warranty and homologation. The two Zard exhaust systems carry a €1,965.57 ($2,080 USD) price tag and are available on the brand’s website.

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