Harley-Davidson completely overhauled the Sportster platform when it introduced the Sportster S in July, 2021. To increase performance and lower emissions, the Motor Company’s oldest production model earned a liquid-cooled 1250 Revolution Max V-twin. The brand wedged that lively lump into a multi-piece trellis frame as a load-bearing member and finished it off with flat track-inspired styling.

While the new Sportster S rings in a new era for the platform, Harley fans still enjoy personalizing their Hog. To amp up the Sportster S’s performance-oriented design, H-D has launched the Wild One accessories collection. Composed of bolt-on parts, the aptly-named accessories line allows customers to easily add extra comfort and rugged styling to the new cruiser.

Gallery: Harley-Davidson Sportster S Wild One Accessories Collection

Each piece flaunts an anodized black or gloss black finish along with machined aluminum highlights. From the Wild One Alternator Plug Cover to the Wild One Mirrors, the collection maintains a cohesive look that showcases the Sportster S’s versatility. The standard Wild One Hand Grips prioritize form over function with knurled rubber inserts. The Wild One Heated Hand Grips improve on that winning formula with variable heat settings.

The MoCo doesn’t ignore the other touchpoints either, with the Wild One Rider Footpegs, Passenger Footpegs, Shifter Peg, and Rear Brake Lever improving on the original equipment. The platform-style footpegs will cater to daily commuters and long-distance riders, while the knurled shifter peg and brake pedal champion a more industrial look.

The Sportster S’s standard bar-end mirrors certainly maintain the model’s sleek styling, but the WIld One Mirrors provide over-the-shoulder visibility and extra styling points. Functionality isn’t the Wild One’s only aim, though. To tie all the accessories together, the Wild One Timer Medallion, Cam Sprocket Covers, Clutch Medallion, and Alternator Plug Cover add subtle accents.

With retail prices between $49.95 and $229.95, Harley-Davidson's Wild One collection caters to the Sportster S’s broad customer base. The Bar and Shield may have revolutionized the Sportster platform in 2021, but it remains a prime candidate for customization with the Wild One accessories line.

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