Motorcycle-specific pants are often disregarded, especially on shorter rides, at the expense of comfort. It’s understandable, really. Motorcycle pants of yesteryears are heavy, bulky, hot, and let’s face it, pretty dorky. This has changed a lot, and in reality, even budget-friendly riding jeans are a lot cooler and comfortable than your off-the-shelf pair of jeans.

Personally, I sometimes find myself wearing my mesh riding jeans even when I’m not on the bike—I just take the D3O knee and hip inserts off to keep my legs extra cool. That being said, riding jeans have also become a lot more sober in terms of styling, so much so that you won’t even be able to tell that they were designed to be used specifically for motorcycles. Of course, protection is by no means sacrificed, with new materials boasting superb abrasion resistance used generously. Such is the case with REV’IT!’s newest offering: the Davis TF riding jeans.

REV’IT!’s New Davis TF Riding Jeans Combine Safety And Fashion

The new Davis TF riding jeans stand out due to their distinct style. Instead of the typical blue or black, they're beige, lending them an adventurous air. Furthermore, the cargo-style trousers include square pockets and yokes on the knees, while the straight cut gives them a casual, relaxed appeal. These trousers will undoubtedly complement the outfits of fashion-forward vintage riders as well as commuters who ride their bikes to work or school on a regular basis. The Davis TF riding pants really do blur the line between casual attire and riding gear

In terms of protection, the Davis TF is comprised of an elastic Cordura material that provides both resistance and flexibility. In the most vulnerable locations, all seams are doubled or tripled. The trousers also have detachable Seesmart CE-certified Level 1 knee and hip protection. Reflective stripes on the rear of the pants are also visible after hemming. All of these safeguards warrant REV'IT!'s Davis TF riding pants Class AA PPE certification.

As for sizing and availability, the Davis TF can be purchased in three different leg lengths, as well as waist sizes ranging from 28 to 38. As mentioned, they only come in one beige colorway. REV’IT! has pegged the price of the Davis TF pants at 229.99 Euros, translating to the equivalent of $246 USD.

REV’IT!’s New Davis TF Riding Jeans Combine Safety And Fashion
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