When it comes to motorcycle gear, riding gloves are sometimes disregarded. While some may believe they aren't all that important, all it takes is a minor drop for you to instantly think the opposite. In case of an accident, a decent pair of riding gloves may provide quite a lot of protection for your hands. Not only that, but gloves can keep your hands warm on chilly days and protect your mitts from the sun's rays throughout the summer.

As motorcyclists, we all desire to minimize tiredness and discomfort caused by the heat of the sun, especially during the summer season, when merely stepping out of your door can seem like stepping into an oven. When it comes to riding gear, there's a long-held belief that lighter, breathable riding gear provides inferior protection than heavier, bulkier gear. Indeed, materials science has progressed leaps and bounds in recent years. This implies that motorcycle gloves and jackets may be both light and breathable while yet providing excellent protection. 

Rift, Bering's newest summer gloves, is an example of this. The Rifts are mostly constructed of goatskin, a material renowned in gloves for its ability to give exceptionally good tactile feel and comfort. They are sporty in appearance but stay rather sober with the predominately black design. L eather panels are perforated to let air circulate within, keeping your hands nice and cool. Soft lycra inserts, mated with comfort gussets on the fingers, and a mid-length elastic cuff with a Velcro flap add to these gloves' superios comfort. The index finger incorporates a touch-screen compatible insert for enhanced convenience.

Multiple leather reinforcements on the palm and on the edge of the hand, as well as a protective shell on the metacarpals, add to the model's safety features. The Rift is CE approved in accordance to the previous EN13594:2015 criteria thanks to all of these safety measures. Bering sells the Rift gloves in two color schemes: Black/White and Black/Gray, with sizes ranging from T8 to T13. It costs 74.99 Euros, which works out to about $78 USD.

French Gear Maker Bering Introduces The Rift Summer Gloves
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