With today’s crop of neo-retro motorcycles, it goes without saying that riding gear has transformed to serve fashion purposes just as much as it does safety and protection. While there will always be people willing to give safety a back seat in the expense of thinking they look good on their motorcycles, gear manufacturers continue to innovate to offer good-looking garments that don’t compromise safety and protection.

One such brand is Bering, a French gear maker known for its premium and dependable pieces of gear. Bering’s products are mostly suited for colder climates, as it makes use of thick, insulated materials on a lot of its gloves, trousers, and jackets. The company has also begun experimenting with recyclable materials, particularly with its Portland jacket. This time around, the brand has released a versatile 3-in-1 jacket that could very well serve as your all-year-round jacket. It’s called the Winton jacket, and it comes in both men and women variants.

French Gear Maker Bering Releases Winton Urban-Style Jacket

On the outside, the Winton is clearly a heavier-set jacket with retro-inspired styling. Its outer layer is made from an abrasion-resistant textile material called Fiber Tech 600D. A fixed mesh lining on the inside serves as the bare minimum of insulation, and can be configured as such on warmer days. As the weather gets gloomier and temperatures drop, several removable layers can then be installed, such as a BWTech Mega waterproof membrane, and even a Shelltech Super thermal liner for the chilliest of days. Additionally, the jacket gets ADS ventilation openings which allow air flow regardless of how many layers you’re wearing underneath.

As for protective features, the Winton is no slouch. For starters, it’s equipped with Level1 certified Alpha protectors on the shoulders and elbows. These can later on be replaced and upgraded with heavier duty inserts. A built-in pocket can accommodate a variety of aftermarket back protectors. For a secure fit, the jacket comes with a loop to connect to your pants and other accessories at the back. Thanks to all these features, it garners a Class A PPE according to the latest EN 17092 standard.

The Winton is available only in black, but is offered in a wide selection of seven sizes. There’s also a Lady Winton that’s designed to perfectly suit the anatomy of lady riders. Both the men’s and women’s versions of the Winton retail for 269.99 Euros, translating to around $294 USD—pretty expensive, but considering how versatile and stylish this jacket is, it’s certainly worth it.

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