Wearing motorcycle-specific pants is seen as a chore by many riders, and as such, is often done away with. It’s understandable, really, riding pants, especially bulky touring and adventure ones, can be very heavy, hot, and a PITA to wear. In the event of a crash, though, your legs are usually the first to make contact with the ground or another vehicle. That said, it’s always best to stay protected from head to toe.

Luckily, these days, motorcycle gear and apparel makers have developed tech that has brought about gear that’s more lightweight and comfortable than ever before, without compromising on safety and protection. One such piece comes from Italian gear maker PMJ, and its new Russell motorcycle jeans. These pants, when looked at from all angles, look just like any other pair of regular denims thanks to their subdued styling. You can’t even see any cutouts for where the protectors are inserted unless you look really hard.

PMJ’s Russell jeans are constructed out of Twaron, a ballistic-grade aramid fiber that provides superb abrasion and penetration resistance. For added comfort and ease of wearing, Russell incorporates the more elastic version of Twaron called T-Stretch. It’s blended with the standard denim fibers, allowing for just one layer of fabric. This keeps you nice and cool, while not compromising on safety whatsoever.

When it comes to actual protectors themselves, PMJ has thrown in removable level 1 CE-certified protectors on the hips and knees. The protectors are height-adjustable so as to provide maximum protection for folks with varying anatomical traits. These protective features mated to the pants’ superb abrasion resistance, merit the PMJ Russell jeans a Class AA PPE rating according to the EN17092-3 standard.

As for fit, PMJ’s Russell motorcycle jeans feature a slim-cut. The legs are pre-shaped so as to provide natural-feeling ergonomics while seated on the motorcycle. The pants’ stretchy T-Stretch Twaron fabric allows you to walk and function normally off the bike, too. The pants don’t have any external seams, meaning they’re super streamlined and clean-looking—ideal for both on and off the bike. They’re available in two colors—standard blue which retails for 199 Euros ($225 USD), and a glossy black finish that gives it the appearance of leather for 239 Euros ($270 USD). Do note that prices may vary depending on where in the world you’re from.

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