Electric motorcycles built for performance and enjoyment have been popping up a lot more frequently in recent times. With the market for lightweight, budget-friendly electric scooters quickly getting saturated, there’s certainly a lot of room for electric two-wheelers that focus on fun rather than sheer utility. Perhaps this is why there has been quite an influx of off-road-focused electric motorcycles recently. What’s even better, though, is if they’re street-legal, too.

Ox Motorcycles, a Spanish electric motorbike start-up, is extending its lineup with the new Duk in two models. The existing One model, Ox's only other bike, is an in-house invention, so it's unclear where the Duk's technology originates from. We do know that the Duk appears to be far more sophisticated than the One. The new Duk is available in L3e and L1e variants, corresponding to the A1 and B196 driving licenses, as well as the AM license up to 45 kilometers per hour (28 miles per hour). The 45-kilometer-per-hour variant starts at 6,099 euros. For only 100 euros more, however, you cna purchase the faster 85 kilometer-per-hour (53 miles per hour) version.

Ox Motorcycles Introduces The Duk, A Street-Legal Electric Enduro

Ox introduces the Duk, a technically advanced and aesthetically pleasing e-motorcycle. A 2.2 kWh battery is housed in the aluminum bridge frame, which powers an 8 kW central motor. Regardless of highest speed, the maximum torque is 60 Nm—about 42 ft-lbs. The back wheel, which has an 18-inch rim, is driven by a chain from the mid-mounted motor. The Duk should have a range of 100 kilometers (around 62 miles), and the integrated charger can charge the battery in just three hours. The total weight, including the battery, is only 80 kg, according to Ox. The Duk comes in three colors, and the new e-bike should be ready in October.

The Duk is designed to blend on-road and off-road practicality and fun, as seen by the 18-inch wheels with knobby tires at the front and back, according to Ox. Intriguingly, both variants of the motor have a maximum output of 8 kW (11 horsepower) and 60 Nm (42 ft-lbs), implying that the slower type just restricts peak speed rather than power output. The Duk will be available for 6,099 Euros ($6,343 USD) starting in October 2022.

Ox Motorcycles Introduces The Duk, A Street-Legal Electric Enduro
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