A handcrafted electric café racer.

Spanish electric mobility startup OX Motorcycles is on the cusp of launching a new, lightweight, café racer-styled electric motorcycle. After meticulous research and development, design, and manufacturing challenges, the company is proud to announce that the first OX One has been produced. 

A report published the The PACK highlights the reveal of the first production-ready OX One. Adrián González, the CEO of OX Motorcycles, has expressed that while there are still a lot of challenges to be overcome, the company is proud to announce that the OX One is nearly a complete project, and will soon make it to production. There is still a lot of work to do: outline the tank and its lines, final finishing touch, painting, the logo … But, we have achieved the most important thing, the OX One is a robust, reliable product and representative of the concept which we had in mind, and which you have unconditionally supported.”

The OX One Electric Motorcycle Is Ready For Production

The OX One features a robust frame which houses a set of removable batteries. It gets loads of premium features which, despite being thoroughly modern, accentuate the bike's café racer styling. That said, a round LED headlight proudly adorns the front end, while a muscular faux fuel tank provides the familiar ergonomics of riding an actual motorcycle. It features a two-battery module, with each battery weighing 14 kgs, and promises a two-hour quick-charge via any household electric outlet.  

As far as performance is concerned, the OX One is powered by an 8 kW brushless electric motor. Capable of a top speed of 110 kilometers per hour, the OX One pumps out the equivalent of 11 horsepower. The bike is equipped with two 72V, 30AH batteries which offer an impressive autonomy of 100 kilometers on a single charge. Lastly, the OX One is rather lightweight for a full-sized electric motorcycle. Tipping the scales at just 140kgs, this bike is sure to be a nimble, enjoyable runabout on twisty roads. 

OX Motorcycles hopes to debut the OX One by September of this year. At the moment, the company is ironing out all the details, to ensure the new electric motorcycle is perfect upon launch. OX Motorcycles' website lists the OX One for 5,200 Euros, or the equivalent of $6,250 USD. Likewise, bookings for this upcoming electric motorcycle have been pegged at 150 Euros, or $180 USD. 

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