Motorcycle helmets come in all shapes and sizes, and are meant to satisfy a variety of applications. While there's absolutely nothing wrong with wearing an ultra-light, ultra-expensive carbon-fiber race helmet when riding your scooter on the way to work, there's no denying that it's a bit overkill and downright inconvenient. This is why more comfortable, relaxed helmet options such as open-face jet helmets are popular. 

Sure, these types of helmets don't offer as much protection as your standard full-face lid, but it's understood that the speeds you'll be going within the confines of the city will be much lower than that of the highway or open road. This is especially true in Europe, wherein scooters are incredibly popular means of transport, and most city centers have speed limits no greater than 30 kilometers per hour (19 miles per hour). 

All that being said, scooteristas and city-slickers may want to consider the newest offering from Italian gear and equipment maker Tucano Urbano. Its newest product comes in the forom of the El'Fast, a sleek and simple jet helmet. It features a fiberglass shell, and comes with all the essential features that make a comfortable, no-frills, everyday lid. Inside the helmet, it's lined with breathable synthetic leather padding with 3D mesh inserts. The cheek pads can be removed and washed for added longevity, while the area surrounding the ears can easily accommodate speakers from various communicator systems. 

Tucano Urbano Releases El'Fast Jet Helmet In Three Matte Colors

To ensure optimum safety, Tucano Urbano is offering the El'Fast in three shell sizes spread across six sizes ranging from XS to 2XL. It secures itself onto your noggin via a quick-release micrometric buckle. The visor extends all the way to your chin reducing wind noise, and is treated with an anti-scratch solution. It can easily be removed without any tools, and swapped out with an aftermarket tinted visor. Of course, you can also just opt to use the built-in drop-down sun visor, too. 

Tucano Urbano is offering the El'Fast jet helmet in three matte colorways: gray, black, and khaki. It conforms to the outgoing ECE 22.05 safety standard. The El'Fast retails for 159 Euros, or the equivalent of $172 USD. Do note, however, that pricing and availability may vary depending on where in the world you're from. 

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