Tucano Urbano’s known for motorcycle gear and accessories more than helmets, but that doesn’t mean that the company shouldn’t be in the space. The brand offers a selection of lids for the discerning urban rider, ranging from jet to half helmets.

One of the brand’s latest endeavors includes a helmet that can change colors depending on the season and your color preferences. The brand’s newest lid is the Tucano Urbano El’Top, so-called for its Dynamic Flow Ventilation system which has large cutouts at the top of the crown to allow for a ton of airflow to keep the rider’s head cool.

The party trick, however, is the additional covers that the helmet comes with that are sold and available in a variety of colors. Express your style, match your bike, or ride with the covers in place to show people what kind of mood you are in. Either that or the most practical reason to put the covers on is to protect your head from getting cold during the winter months or getting wet during the rainy season. Tucano Urbano's a bit big on practical pieces of gear that also have an emphasis on staying warm. 

The helmet itself features a slim shell that is made out of polycarbonate. It also features a face shield as well as a drop-down sun visor for the hotter and sunnier months. The interior of the helmet is washable and removable, plus it is also hypoallergenic with maxi-mesh for added breathability.

Tucano Urbano El'Top Helmet

The half lid can be painted in either glossy white, matte black, matte gray, blue, or even bronze. No graphic options are available, but you can create your own color combination by covering up the vents with an accent cover in the color that you choose. In order to express yourself a little better, you can buy replacement covers that give the lid a little splash of color on the crown of the head.

In order to get the El’Top helmet, you first have to fork over ₤119 EUR, or about $130 USD. Unfortunately, that’ll get you color-matched vent covers which is alright but not as fun as the colored vent covers that you can buy separately.

Each pair of vent covers will set you back ₤14.90 EUR, or around $16 USD. So, in order to get a helmet with a splash of fun or to go with your matching Tucano Urbano jacket, you will be paying around $150 USD. Sizes for the El’Top range between XS to XL, and it also has an ECE 22.05 rating for use in Europe.

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