To combat winter’s frigid conditions, many motorcycle and scooter riders first turn to handguards, insulated gloves, and heated hand grips. Unfortunately, for some, that gear and technology may not be an option. In those instances, hand grip sleeves provide the best shelter from the elements. Italian gear maker Tucano Urbano knows how important warm hands are for winter riders, and the new Polyamide Hand Grip Covers SP rise to the occasion with premium features.

Constructed from 65-percent polyamide and 35-percent polyester, the new hand covers balance protection and comfort. The front side of each cover is reinforced to take on the oncoming windblast while the interior increases comfort with padding and insulation. In addition to the polyamide’s abrasion resistance, the waterproof fabric also seals out moisture, keeping the rider’s digits warm and dry even in the most inclement weather.


In order to provide a more comprehensive fit, the covers also come with a waterproof sleeve and elastic enclosure for handlebar-mounted mirrors. Tucano Urbano also makes the hand sleeves compatible with motorcycle handlebars equipped with and without bar-end weights. To ensure full coverage and security, the new covers also tout a screw-tight safety closure.

The brand matches all that comfort and protection with the added convenience of a transparent window, allowing users to easily see the controls and switchgear. Whether you need the hand grip covers for a cross-country journey or a cross-town jaunt, the reflective strips improve visibility on all roadways.

The Polyamide Hand Grip Covers SP are compatible with a wide array of motorcycles and scooters from manufacturers like Honda, Aprilia, Yamaha, and Peugeot. At €103.69 ($117), Tucano Urbano only offers the hand sleeves in a black colorway. If you’re fixing to ride throughout winter, and you haven’t found success with heated grips, cold-weather gloves, or handguards, the Polyamide Hand Grip Covers SP may be your best bet this season.

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