Have you been looking into a Bluetooth communications unit for your Arai Quantic, RX-7V, or RX-7V Evo helmet? The Sena ACS10 was developed by the BT communications specialist and Arai to specifically fit these helmets for optimal use by riders who wear them. Instead of a generic, one-size-fits-all BT comms unit, the ACS10 was designed with the exact measurements of the interior recesses of these helmets in mind, so it should fit perfectly. 

What kinds of features does the ACS10 pack into your Arai when it’s installed? Sena’s HD speakers come standard, along with the company’s Advanced Noise Control™ technology to filter wind noise right out of your communications, music, or anything else you’re listening to in your lid.  

Up to four Bluetooth intercom conversations can be going on at a time with the ACS10. Like most modern Bluetooth communications units, you can of course pair the ACS10 up with your smartphone for navigation purposes, cranking your favorite tunes, or even handling phone calls (on a phone? NO WAY!) all from the comfort of your helmet.

Gallery: Sena ACS10 for Arai Helmets

What kinds of specs did Sena include in the ACS10? Claimed talk time is up to 10 hours on a single charge, and operating temperature is between 14 degrees Fahrenheit and 131 degrees Fahrenheit. In other words, no matter whether you’re riding on very cold or very hot days, the ACS10 should function as you’d expect. That’s definitely a plus if you count on your BT comms unit as part of your regular riding routine.  

What about the communications range between Bluetooth comms-enabled riders? Sena’s claimed working distance between an ACS10-equipped rider and other riders who are paired up is up to 1.6 kilometers, or about a mile “in open terrain,” they say. Full charge time from empty takes about 2.5 hours via a handy micro USB charger. 

Since Arai and Sena worked together to make the ACS10 a reality, this unit also works with Sena’s smartphone app. You can find a handy Quick Start guide right in the app when you’re unboxing your ACS10, and you can also configure your specific device settings from your phone, as well. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices as of May 10, 2022. 

Sena distributes its products worldwide, so pricing and availability will vary by region. Pricing in U.K. and European shops seems to be in the range of £ 180 or € 200 (about $222 or $211), but you’re best checking with shops in your region if you’re interested in getting hold of the Sena ACS10 for your Arai helmet.

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