It’s been a long decade since 2020, but with the Isle of Man TT officially planned to return to the calendar in 2022, it’s fair to say the motorcycle world is both pleased and excited. In eager anticipation of the races, which are slated to kick off at the end of May, Arai unveiled its latest RX-7V EVO IOMTT 2022 Limited Edition graphic, designed by the one and only Drudi Performance. 

The black, red, and white color scheme artfully pays homage to the event, as you’d expect. Also present are the Manx Triskelion (the three legs of Man) symbol, as well as the words “Ellan Vannin” (that’s “Isle of Man” in Manx Gaelic) in careful script on one side, and “Isle of Man” in English on the other side. Of course, there’s also a checkered flag and the letters “TT” emblazoned proudly on the dome. 

When viewed next to all the other exclusive Arai IOMTT Limited Edition helmet designs created since 2007, it both fits the pattern while simultaneously holding its own identity. That should come as no surprise. I mean, plenty of manufacturers use the color red, but you’d never confuse a Ducati and a Honda for one another, would you? 

Gallery: Arai RX-7V EVO Isle of Man TT Limited Edition Helmet

To celebrate the launch of the helmet, Arai tapped longtime TT Sidecar Champions and brothers Ben and Tom Birchall to talk about what both the races and the helmets mean to them. Of course, any rider is going to want great visibility and protection—although things might look a little different if you’re, say, a sidecar passenger.  

Now, of course, many who purchase any Arai IOMTT limited edition helmet may only want to display it, rather than wearing it out on their bike. Still, it’s crucial to appreciate that the protection is there for you if you want it.  

“How we’ve missed the TT! After two long years away from the wonderful Isle of Man it’s great to make plans to be back. It means so much, to us at Arai Helmet (Europe) and Arai Japan. And we know how special it is to racers and fans alike, which makes the reveal of the 2022 IoM TT Limited Edition RX-7V EVO a highlight of our year. Drudi Performance has never disappointed and for 2022 has blended classic with contemporary, to stunning visual effect,” Arai Helmet (Europe) B.V. managing director Ingmar Stroeven said in a statement. 

If you’re interested in getting your hands on one of these 2022 Arai RX-7V EVO IOMTT limited edition lids, they’ll be available from May/June 2022. Pricing information isn’t available just yet, but the regular RX-7V EVO retails for €1,119 ($1,267 USD) for versions with graphics, and €949 ($1,075 USD) for solid color options.

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