Arai is one of the most highly regarded companies on both the street and track—and for good reason. The Japanese brand still rules the roost by dedicating to its R75 philosophy, which maintains a 75mm continuous curve radius shell shape but also adopts the latest technologies like multi-density EPS liners and face contouring systems.

Arai’s RX-7V represents the firm’s most advanced motorcycle lid. Worn by racers in MotoGP, Superbike World Championship, and countless national racing series, the RX-7V features the company’s most durable Super Fiber shell, protective VAS visor system, and stabilizing rear spoiler accessory. While the RX-7V's roots on the circuit make it a pillar of performance and safety, Arai doesn’t skimp on comfort with a hypoallergenic liner and peel-away interior pad system.

Despite the race and road helmet’s advanced materials and features, Arai never stops improving the premium lid. In order to meet Europe’s latest ECE 22.06 helmet homologation standards, the brand updates the flagship model as the RX-7V Evo in 2022. Under the new regulations, helmets undergo numerous additional impact tests including an oblique impact simulation that measures rotational forces.


Of course, Arai’s R75 standard and “glancing off” philosophy helps the shell dissipate such forces, allowing the RX-7V Evo to pass with flying colors. While the latest-generation Arai clears the new helmet safety standards, the brand also increased the helmet’s airflow with an improved internal channel system. Track and street riders alike should also enjoy the updated cheek pad ergonomics as well.

The RX-7V Evo retails for €1,119 ($1,267 USD) for the graphics versions and €949 ($1,075 USD) for solid colors. Arai offers the top-tier lid in sizes XS to XXXL and it is available now at European Arai resellers. Due to the RX-7V Evo’s adaptation to ECE 22.06 regulations, Arai hasn’t announced whether the North American market will also receive the Corsair-X Evo in 2022.

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