2014 signaled a big transition for MotoGP rider Nicky Hayden. After five seasons with the Ducati Factory Team, the American returned to Honda machinery with the Drive M7 Aspar Team. The occasion also marked Hayden’s first non-Factory MotoGP seat. Full of motivation immediately following the 2013 season, the Kentucky Kid unveiled a new “Reset” graphic at the post-season Valencia Test on November 11, 2013.

After eight years and ardent demand by Hayden fans, Arai is bringing the Nicky Reset graphic back on the Corsair-X helmet. Like all Arai helmets, the flagship racing lid features the brand’s R75 shape, which maintains a continuous curve radius of at least 75mm. This construction not only produces a strong shell, but the smooth shape reduces torsional forces on the head in the event of a crash.

Nicky Hayden - 2013 Valencia MotoGP Test
Nicky Hayden - 2013 Valencia MotoGP Test

Along with the R75 shell, the Corsair-X's removable aerodynamic and air duct panels also sheer away during a spill. The latest iteration of the premium lid also includes an improved VAS shield mechanism and shield latch, a new odor-resistant liner, and increased airflow. Similar to other Arai models, the Corsair-X also offers an intermediate oval fit due in part to the R75 shell shape.

As the premium race model in the brand’s range, Arai-sponsored riders wear the Corsair-X (RX-7V in Europe and Asia) on track. As a result, the flagship lid is the choice platform for current and retro racing replicas.

“We are extremely excited to be able to make the new Nicky Reset graphic available to his fans on the Corsair-X,” noted Arai Brand Manager Brian Weston. “There have been so many requests for this Reset graphic over the years and now we are thrilled to be able to offer it to our customers.”

The Reset graphic prominently features Hayden’s iconic number 69 over a tonal black camouflage background, two elements frequently incorporated into the Kentucky Kid’s designs. The top of the lid resembles a red push button with the “Reset & Push Harder” script providing added motivation for the upcoming season. The helmet’s back panel also showcases Hayden’s sword and shield logo accompanied by his signature “Let’s get it” phrase. Retailing for $979.95, Arai offers the lid in sizes XS-XXL.

Of course, Hayden tragically passed away on May 22, 2017, due to injuries sustained in a bicycle crash in Italy. Over four years since his passing, the new Corsair-X Nicky Reset proves that the number 69 still inspires a new generation of riders. With MotoAmerica Supersport championship leader Sean Dylan Kelly debuting the new lid at the Brainerd round on July 30, 2021, it’s safe to say that the Hayden legacy is in good hands.

“Sometime after Nicky’s passing, the family collectively decided that we wanted to keep his memory and legacy alive to honor all he had achieved and all the lives he had touched in such a short period of time, “said the Hayden family. “One of the most recognized things we thought could be immediately connected to Nicky was his helmet replicas. Over the years Nicky has had dozens of designs that fans around the world have chosen to wear as they run as a sign of loyalty and respect for him.”

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