In December, 2021, Chinese electric mobility company Horwin introduced the SK3 electric scooter. Initially, the scoot seemed like a perfect fit in the rapidly growing electric two-wheeler market, and had a modest claimed range of 80 kilometers (50 miles) on a single charge. As battery technology continues to advance at a lighting pace, so, too, has Horwin with the 2022 iteration of the SK3.

The electric motorcycle market in Europe and Asia is booming like crazy these days, with new laws incentivizing the use of EVs gradually being rolled out, as well as a generally heightened sense of environmental awareness within the populace. As such, EV manufacturers are more motivated than ever to release better and better products. Less than half-a-year after debuting the SK3, Horwin has drastically improved the scooter by upgrading its battery pack. Now, the electric scooter is capable of returning a range of 160 kilometers (100 miles)—double than the previously claimed 80 kilometers.

Horwin Releases SK3 Electric Scooter For European Market

What’s even better is that the SK3 scooter can be fitted with a secondary battery effectively doubling its range to 320 miles, or the equivalent of 200 miles. In terms of styling, little has changed with the newest iteration of the Horwin SK3. It still sports body and voluminous bodywork akin to that of 300cc-ish equivalent maxi-scooters. It’s pretty light and agile, too, considering that electric motorbikes are known to be on the heavier side. Tipping the scales at 115 kilograms, it’s similar in weight to standard 150cc maxi-scooters. Granted, Horwin hasn’t disclosed whether this weight is with or without one or both batteries.

Performance-wise, don’t expect the Horwin SK3 to be capable of exhilarating speeds. With a continuous output of 3.1kW, and a peak output of 6.2 kW, it’s equivalent to a 125cc entry-level scooter, with a claimed top speed of just 90 kilometres per hour. That said, despite what its large bodywork may suggest, the Howin SK3 is strictly a city runabout ideal for a long day’s worth of commuting. Apart from the engine, the Horwin SK3 rolls on 14-inch alloy wheels, and is suspended by standard telescopic forks up front and a dual shock setup at the back.

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