Owning a motorcycle is one thing, but being able to ride it the way it was designed and intended to be ridden is another thing. Sure, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with keeping your supersport on the street, or your enduro or scrambler within the confines of the neighborhood, so long as you ride in a sensible manner, that is. However, some riders would naturally want to upgrade their skills, particularly in the off-road setting.

Luckily, there are tons of training programs and events dedicated solely to improving riding skills off-road available all over the world. The newest of which comes from Classic Legends in India. Classic Legends, the company behind the Yezdi brand of two-wheelers in the country, has introduced an off-road training program called Trail Attack. Under its Jawa-Yezdi Nomads community initiative, the program aims to open doors to amateur riders, particularly Yezdi owners, to the off-road riding experience.

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Ashish Singh Joshi, the CEO of Classic Legends said in a report by Indian automotive publication ET Auto, “The Trail Attack program is our first step in this direction, and we aim to arm the riders with skills that will be beneficial not only under demanding conditions, but also regular everyday riding.” The program seeks to teach riders how to get the most out of their Yezdi Scrambler and Adventure models off-road. Riders may acquire advanced riding techniques under the supervision of qualified specialists in order to maximize the potential of these bikes and improve their off-road riding abilities.

The riders were guided through the important tips and tricks on body position, load distribution, as well as throttle, clutch, and brake management before moving on to the fundamentals of off-road and trail riding. The students were given the opportunity to try out specifically developed courses on an actual off-road racing circuit as the day proceeded. The riders finished the training session with a trail ride where they could apply what they had learned during the day. They were also given instructions on how to ride better and safer, as well as motorbike management skills applicable to both on and off-road scenarios.

Classic Legends staged the first Trail Attack at the Motofarm Dirt Playground near Bengaluru, which was available to consumers from the surrounding cities. Trail Attack will be held in Pune in the coming months, after Bangalore, and the business wants to expand it to additional cities throughout the country in stages. Those interested in taking part in Trail Attack should contact their local Classic Legends dealership.

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