The Royal Enfield Meteor 350 has received global acclaim for making the cruiser platform accessible to a wider selection of riders. Before the Meteor 350 debuted, riders were left with few other choices other than Honda’s small-displacement Rebels, Harley’s 883 Sportster, or the rather polarizing Kawasaki Vulcan 650. The Meteor 350 was a new face in a segment that was facing stunted growth when compared to the naked and adventure bike categories.

Now, a little over a year following its debut, the Meteor 350 continues to be a popular choice among first-timers and seasoned riders alike looking for a tractable, easy-to-use machine for around-town duty or leisurely rides. In India, Royal Enfield has gone ahead and introduced new colors for this bike, so as to refresh its aesthetic. Along with the refresh, however, comes a mild price increase of Rs 4,225, translating to around $56 USD. Nonetheless, the new colorways breathe new life to the bike’s classic styling. Let’s take a closer look.

2022 Royal Enfield Meteor 350 New Colors

A total of three new colorways make up the refreshed selection of Meteor 350 variants: Supernova Red, Fireball Blue, and Fireball Matte Green. Do note that the existing colorways will continue to be sold, too, so these three colors come on top of the already available options. For starters, the Supernova Red color scheme features a two-tone colorway consisting of bright glossy red atop a deep black finish. This gives the cruiser a very refined look that’s almost reminiscent of the vintage-inspired colorways we see from classic British manufacturers.

The Fireball Blue variant on the other hand, is something we’re seeing for the first time from Royal Enfield. It’s a rather muted finish that highlights the inherently sleek lines of the Meteor 350, as it consists of a deep monotone blue, contrasted by a yellow Royal Enfield logo on the side of the tank, as well as on the lips of the rims. Last but not least, the Matte Green colorway gives the Meteor 350 a very military-esque look, similar to what we saw in the previous generation Royal Enfield Classic and Bullet 350. It takes the form of a basic matte dark green, with matching rim stickers, and the Royal Enfield logo finished in black.

Apart from the new color options, nothing has changed in terms of the components and features of the bike. As such, it’s still powered by a 349cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine that pumps out a rather docile 21 horsepower. A conventional five-speed gearbox sends power to the back wheel. There’s no word just yet as to when these color options will make their way to markets outside of India, but expect them to do so very soon.

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