After the Royal Enfield brand launched the new lineup of 350cc motorbikes to the world, the company is receiving favorable growth in its home country of India and also, quite notably, in Italy.

The company boasts a 340-percent sales growth in Italy. For the first three months of 2022, Royal Enfield recorded a 342.42-percent growth in the number of registrations, which means that the brand has effectively quadrupled its sales in the region, selling a total of 1,168 motorcycles in the first quarter of 2022. On the flip side, in 2021, Royal Enfield Italy only managed to sell 264 motorcycles.

Most notable of all the models for 2022 is the Meteor 350 launched in 2021, and which sold exceptionally well in the first quarter of the year, contributing 586 units which doubled the 2021 sales figure and make up about half of the total number of sales for Royal Enfield Italy. The model was so sought-after that it, in fact, was the 11th most sold motorcycle in the country for the first quarter of this year.

Royal Enfield 90 South - Himalayan Left Side
8 Ball: 2019 Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 - Profile, Right
Royal Enfield Continental GT and INT 650

While the Meteor was making its presence known in the Italian market, its success served as a catalyst for the increase in sales for other models in the lineup like the Himalayan, Interceptor, and Continental GT. The Himalayan managed to nearly triple its sales going from 62 units to 177 units. Meanwhile, the Interceptor doubled its figure with some change to spare, going from 85 units to 203 units. Lastly, the Continental GT also doubled its units from 22 to 46. Cousin to the Meteor, the Classic 350 sold remarkably as well netting 155 units sold in Italy.

The strong sales growth happened in tandem with the resurgence of interest in the 250cc to 500cc segment of motorcycles. Next up, the arrival of the Himalayan-based Scram 411 could be yet another best-seller for Royal Enfield in Italy. The success of Royal Enfield in the country is due to the brand’s accessibility as well as its strive to produce and sell mid-segment motorcycles with a friendly and stylish demeanor. The Italian market seems to be favoring the Indian-based brand for the time being and new products for the market could spur even more growth in the region.

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