A huge part of the appeal of naked bikes is the raw, visceral riding experience they offer. As the name suggests, naked bikes are, for the most part, devoid of the creature comforts we find on more comfortable touring-oriented machines, while slightly taking the edge off a razor-sharp performance of supersports.

These days, though, naked bikes have become technological marvels, packing close to 200 horsepower and an electronics package that’s comparable to the NASA Space Station. One such bike is BMW’s flagship hyper-naked, the S 1000 R. This bike carries with it the DNA of its supersport sibling, the S 1000 RR. All it has to offer for added comfort is a slightly more upright seating position thanks to standard handlebars as opposed to clip-on units. As such, it isn’t uncommon for owners of this souped-up naked bike to want a little bit more when it comes to comfort.

Luckily, we can turn to the aftermarket for that, with no less than Wunderlich offering a variety of aftermarket extras for this bike. Wunderlich is, after all, the prime aftermarket specialist for all things BMW Motorrad, so much so that a lot of BMW owners deck their bikes out in Wunderlich goodies straight out of the factory. For the BMW S 1000 R, Wunderlich has released a new product that’ll come much to the delight of those looking to tame this beast and make it a little more capable of long-distance touring.

Of course, this is none other than a touring windscreen, which is guaranteed to offer a lot of wind protection for those long stints on the highway. Wunderlich is calling this windscreen the Marathon, and it makes sense, as it’ll surely give the S 1000 R the amenities to keep its rider comfortable so they can go the distance. From a styling perspective, we must admit that it looks just a little bit weird, but after you’ve looked at it a couple hundred times, the look will surely grow on you.

Wunderlich Introduces Marathon Windscreen For The BMW S 1000 R

The Wunderlich Marathon sits a bit tall, so it offers adequate wind protection up to chest level. Expect some of that turbulent wind however, to be channeled towards your head, lest you ride in a full-tuck position through the whole highway. It’s made out of a 5mm-thick plastic material that’s been treated to withstand UV damage, as well as offer a clear view when looked at from behind. That said, you’re guaranteed of its durability even at high speeds. The Marathon is now available on Wunderlich’s e-commerce site for 245 Euros, or the equivalent of around $264 USD.

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