For some people, riding a motorcycle is a convenient and speedy option to move around. For many, though, it is primarily a passion and a source of refuge from the rigors of daily life. Manufacturers have realized this and are increasingly focusing on unique experiences and the development of skills through rider training, rather than simply selling two-wheelers for utility.

This is especially true of Triumph, which, through its Ride Program for France, arranges events for all sorts of riders on a regular basis. For 2022, the Hinckley brand is refreshing its experiences by adding more than twenty events on additional dates, including short road trips, track days, trail rides, off-road challenges, and even multi-day road excursions.

Triumph Motorcycles, of course, has one of the most diverse model lineups in the industry. The brand's Street Triple and Speed Triple motorcycles are ideal for carving canyons and setting lap times on the track for performance-oriented riders. The Bonneville series, on the other hand, is a more relaxed alternative for those wishing to travel around in luxury and comfort. The Tiger ADVs, which come in 900 or 1200cc varieties and are capable of handling pretty much any terrain, are at the top of Triumph's model line. Not to mention some of the brand’s more boutique offerings such as the Rocket 3, and the ultra-rare Daytona 765 Moto2.

2022 Triumph Speed Triple RR - Curbing

In terms of specific events, track riders will find what they're seeking for at the five main French circuits that host track days. The track events have a daily admission cost of 120 Euros ($130 USD), which includes complete supervision by a highly skilled staff of track marshalls, instructors, and support staff. Triumph is also planning over 15 street rides to highlight the stunning French countryside and, of course, to foster camaraderie among Triumph's customers. Simple one-day rides covering distances ranging from 200 to 300 kilometers to one-week journeys to Corsica or northern Italy are among the rides available.

Last but not least, off-road fans are catered for, as the British manufacturer offers 210 Euro ($227 USD) off-road programs in the Paris region and the Rhône-Alpes. To satiate your off-road desires, there's a three-day off-road adventure in Burgundy for 990 Euros ($1,070 USD), as well as a long-haul expedition through the trails of Andalusia for a week of supervised off-roading for 1,090 Euros ($1,177 USD). All of these events, as well as others, may be found on Triumph's official webpage for the 2022 rides. Keep in mind that timetables are subject to change due to a number of reasons including weather, trail conditions, and municipal rules.

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