Luxury fashion brands are always ahead of the curve. From Avant-Garde designs to cutting-edge materials, high fashion firms spare no expense when rolling out a new collection. We’re less than a month into spring in the Northern Hemisphere, but that didn’t stop French fashion house Dior from launching its 2022-2023 Autumn-Winter line at Paris’ Jardin des Tuileries.

For the new season, Dior Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri drew from the iconic brand’s past catalog and looked to the future by integrating Dainese D-Air technology. Partnering with architect and designer Silvia Dainese, Chiuri paired the D-Air protective air bladders with fabrics delicate fabrics like Nylon and cashmere as well as technical knitwear and waterproof materials.

Gallery: 2022-2023 Dior Autumn-Winter Collection

Deemed The Next Era, the show prominently featured the D-Air technology as a core component of several outfits. One piece consisted of an ornate lace dress with inflated D-Air panels, shoulder armor, and a back protector refashioned into a corset. Other designs utilized the Dainese airbags as a mid-layer vest or an outer layer worn over a black blazer.

One outfit simply draped a deployed air bladder over the model’s shoulders, with the stark white airbag contrasting with the dress's intricate embroidery. Other Dainese gear also made the cut, with Chiuri and team adapting the standard gauntlet glove into full-forearm princess gloves. One model even donned a set of Roger Vivier pumps equipped with Dainese’s Axial D1 Air Boot support system.

While the Dior leveraged the D-Air tech and aesthetic for its 2022-2023 Autumn-Winter Collection, it’s just the latest in a string of moto industry fashion collaborations. Most recently, Kawasaki partnered with Adidas for Ninja-badged sneakers, Moto Guzzi designed a limited-edition set of Timberland boots, and DAB Motors released a Burberry-branded electric bike.

Of course, Dior also collaborated with Vespa in June, 2020, but it looks like the famous fashion house continues to draw from the world of two-wheelers with its latest release.

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