French motorcycle manufacturer DAB Motors wowed audiences when it unveiled its first electric motorcycle design—the Concept E-RS. Pairing ultra-clean design with top-shelf componentry, the Concept E-RS satisfied gearheads and fashion-forward riders alike. DAB Motors is taking that slick design one step further in a collaboration with world-renowned British fashion brand Burberry.

The DAB Motors Concept E-RS Burberry edition boasts the same specs as the standard model, but the duo adds select aesthetic revisions that elevate the electric bike. In the Metallic Grey colorway, the Concept E-RS dons Burberry Limited script across the bodywork and both rims. The silver and black color scheme are reminiscent of the original model, but a specially embroidered seat with a repeating Burberry logo stamped into the leather sets the limited-edition trim apart.


The Midnight Blue paint option features the same seat, but the livery opts for a deep blue tone on the body panels, swingarm, and front mudguard. A large Burberry logo plasters each side of the bike. DAB motors will only create 20 examples of the Concept E-RS, but it hasn’t stated how many it will make of each colorway.

Underneath the lovely leather seat and bold graphics, the Concept E-RS still touts the same 9kW/20kW brushless DC motor and 51.8V lithium-ion battery. The electric bike may only produce 44 lb-ft of torque and achieve a top speed of 65 mph, but that doesn’t stop DAB from outfitting it with Beringer brakes and Ohlins suspension.

The premium electric motorcycle retails for €28,500 (≈$32,300 USD), and the Concept E-RS Burberry edition only bumps the MSRP to €29,900 (≈$33,900 USD). Those interested can pre-order the Burberry edition now for €1,000 (≈$1,150 USD) at the DAB Motors website. Without the power to fall in the performance category or the versatility to qualify as a commuter, the Concept E-RS has always been a fashion statement. With Burberry in tow, DAB Motors’ first electric bike is more fashionable than ever.

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