Suzuki got ahead of the game in 2021, releasing the 2022 Hayabusa in February, 2021, and following up that refresh with the 2022 GSX-S1000. By the end of the year, the House of Hamamatsu built on top of its new hypernaked with the 2022 GSX-S1000GT sport-tourer. With the Katana also earning a modest refresh at EICMA 2021, Suzuki’s 2022 street lineup prominently featured returning models.

That trend now extends to the remaining Suzuki range, with established adventure, off-road, cruisers, and sports bikes returning in 2022. The firm introduced a redesigned V-Strom 1050XT and V-Strom 1050XT Adventure in 2019, and the two flagship ADV retain the S.I.R.S. electronic suite. Thanks to three ride modes and cruise control, the top-tier V-Strom remains an approachable platform.

Nevertheless, traction control, a combined braking, slope and load-dependent systems, and hill hold control help riders tame the adventurer. Base price for the V-Strom 1050XT receives a slight bump to $14,849 and the V-Strom 1050XT Adventure slightly increases to $17,049.

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Sticking to the dirt, the Suzuki DR-Z125L will cater to aspiring motocrossers. Donning a livery inspired by the legendary Suzuki RM-Z dirt bike, the eighth-liter single, linear power delivery, and sharp handling allow novice riders to build their skills. At $3,399, the DR-Z125L remains an affordable and practical beginner bike for many first-time off-roaders.

Those that prefer life on the open road will rejoice at the return of the Boulevard C50 and C50T cruisers. Both still boast classic styling and a fuel-injected, 50 ci V-twin for smooth highway riding, but the C50T variant prioritizes touring with saddlebags and a windshield. The extra accommodations result in a $10,059 MSRP for the C50T while the standard model comes in at $8,609.

Not to be left out, the Suzuki Gixxer family joins the final street bike update with the 2022 GSX250R ABS. The fuel-injected, parallel-twin caters to newer riders and standard ABS ensures safety on the roadway. Available in Metallic Crystal Blue with Pearl Nebular Black, the GSX250R retails for $4,999. There may be little surprises in Suzuki’s latest drop, but with the long-in-the-tooth SV650, DR650, and DR-Z400 platforms begging for an update, hopefully, Suzuki will have a few tricks up its sleeve for 2023.

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