Suzuki Motor of America issued a recall for the 2018 GSX-250R to deal with a lighting issue. According to recently-published National Highway Traffic Safety Administration documents, a total of 2,040 small GSX registered in the United States are affected. 

The Defect Notice describes the problem as the headlight’s bulb filament presenting signs of premature breakage. Should the bulb filament break, the motorcycle’s headlight would turn off and become inoperable, limiting the user’s ability to see and be seen. Should the rider lose the use of the motorcycle’s headlamp, in the most extreme cases, the absence of proper lighting could lead to a crash.   

The bike maker has yet to determine the source of the problem and decide on a course of action. Suzuki is in the process of analyzing the issue and finding a permanent fix.   

Suzuki sent a notification letter to owners impacted by the recall to warn them of the issue and recommend that they do not operate their vehicle at night. Should the high or low beam function fail while riding the vehicle, the user should be able to temporarily use the remaining high or low beam function. The company will send a second letter with official recall procedures once the nature of the issue is found.   

Should your Suzuki GSX-250R's headlight go out, Suzuki also recommends that you visit your dealership to have the lightbulb replaced. Based on the documents provided by the , the replacement should be performed free of charge as the dealer will be allowed to submit a standard warranty request. That means that the fix will part of the warranty, even if coverage on a specific unit is expired. Doing so instead of replacing the lightbulb yourself will allow the manufacturer to keep track of the repair.   

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the situation, you can contact the Suzuki customer service department at 1-844-352-4921 to have your VIN verified. The NHTSA also offers a hotline service that you can reach at 1-888-327-4236.   

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