Cruise control is nothing new, even when it comes to motorcycles. However, the recent trend of radar-powered adaptive cruise control brings motorcycles even closer to achieving autonomy. While there will certainly be purists against the inclusion of amenities like these, there’s no denying that they have their place in this world, especially among folks who really ride their bikes across long distances.

Today, manufacturers like Ducati and KTM have already released models equipped with radar-powered adaptive cruise control. Some Japanese manufacturers, too, such as Kawasaki, with the upcoming Ninja H2 SX equipped with a camera setup, as well as Honda with the Africa Twin and Gold Wing updates, are joining the trend with full force. It is indeed true that having adaptive cruise control that speeds you up and slows you down autonomously takes a lot away from the raw motorcycling experience. However, the convenience of being able to relax on the freeway is something that’s equally sought after. 

Honda To Equip Future Gold Wing Models With Radar Adaptive Cruise Control

That being said, a few updates have come to surface with Honda, and the Gold Wing in particular. German motorcycling magazine Motorrad Online recently shared patent photos of the upcoming Gold Wing’s radar adaptive cruise control. It’s clear that housing such a sophisticated and sensitive device could prove to be a challenge. We’ve seen this with the rather awkward looking nose section of the Multistrada V4, as well as the overly intricate tail section of the upcoming Ninja H2 SX. For the Gold Wing, however, it’s blessed with a large and voluptuous fairing, leaving room for Honda to integrate the radar unit into the fairing rather seamlessly.

What’s even more interesting is that Honda is also planning to fit the Gold Wing with a rear-mounted radar system for a blind spot detection feature. Now, where exactly the rear radar will be housed remains to be seen. However, it’s speculated that it’ll be mounted either on the top case or on the bike’s tail section, so it could work even without a top case. Naturally, this would entail some updates to the bikes instrument cluster. We can expect the large digital panel in the middle to be enlarged to accommodate the radar warnings. It’s even suggested that Honda could be coming up with a fancy heads-up display on the upcoming model.

Honda To Equip Future Gold Wing Models With Radar Adaptive Cruise Control

With so much technology being developed it’s funny to think that the technological line between cars and motorcycles is getting thinner and thinner every day. Needless to say, all these techie features will make the Gold Wing even safer and easier to ride than it ever was. Expect to see the 2023 Honda Gold Wing equipped with this state-of-the-art adaptive cruise control system.

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