It’s been a long and meandering road for Australian electric mobility startup Savic Motorcycles. After debuting the café racer-styled concept in November, 2018, the brand introduced three variants of its C-Series electric model in November, 2019. Like so many businesses, Savic hit a brick wall during the pandemic, but the firm secured production funding in October, 2021.

With the team running full speed ahead, Savic unveiled its all-new website highlighted by an advanced bike configurator. Customers can now assemble the C-Series model with performance upgrades, cosmetic add-ons, and numerous paint options. The new site even includes an augmented reality feature that allows the user to see what their rolling piece of art looks like in their garage or driveway.

“Finding a partner with the same passions and values around exceptional design through innovative technology was important to us, and when we found Buzzby and Andrew at Future Perfect Digital, they understood what we were looking for and worked hard to turn our concepts into reality,” explained Savic Chief Marketing Officer Alexandra Bromley. “We’re very excited to launch these new services as we continue to utilize new technology to create memorable experiences for our customers and fans of the Savic Motorcycles brand.”

Of course, clients will build their custom C-Series on top of the brand’s existing Delta and Alpha trims. Starting at $26,990, the Alpha variant boasts a 124-mile range, 4.5-hour recharge, and accelerates from zero to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. The Delta model achieves 93 miles between charges and a 4.5-seconds zero-to-sixty time, but it only takes 3.8 hours to fully recharge.

In addition to the custom bike configurator, Savic is putting a lot of stock in its new apparel line. The brand will use the new clothing collection to draw in new and future riders by playing up Savic’s cutting-edge tech and the benefits of a carbon-free lifestyle.

“Our ‘Savic Culture’ is a lifestyle brand for anyone who sees the boundless possibilities that e-mobility can unlock,” stated Savic Gear & Merchandise Lead Michael D’Amico. “It’s born on the streets of Melbourne, where we’ve developed and ridden our first e-motorcycles. It represents an unswerving dedication to ethical and environmental principles in all design and manufacturing.”

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