There’s a new Australian electric scooter startup on the block, and its name is Benzina Zero (or “zero gas” in Italian). As of December 13, 2021, the company has posted photos and an announcement on its social channels showing the fruits of its first full production scooter run. Units produced so far are intended for sale in Australia and Italy, with additional scoots to be sent for evaluation elsewhere in Europe and Asia. What are they offering, exactly? 

The company hit the ground running with four separate electric models: the Duo, City, Sport, and Cargo. The Duo also comes in a Duo + variant, which offers both a greater top speed and range than the base Duo. All scoots except the Cargo are two-wheeled electric vehicles, while the Cargo is a little electric scooter trike meant primarily as a workhorse/urban delivery vehicle. 

All are powered by Bosch electric motors and rely on LG batteries to keep things firmly in the realm of familiarity and confidence in known quantities for their componentry. USB chargers, keyless ignitions, LED lighting, and LED displays also come standard. Pricing and availability have yet to be announced, but here’s what we know so far. 

Gallery: Benzina Zero

The Duo is a utility scoot, which comes in four colors (blue, red, yellow, or white) and has a wide variety of accessories available to make it carry whatever you need. From front and rear racks to baskets, and even hangers to mount your surfboard, there are all kinds of options for all kinds of riders. 

The City is a small, cute urban runabout with a single LED headlight and a retro-modern design sensibility. It also boasts an unspecified amount of underseat storage, as well as a built-in antitheft alarm system.  

The Sport is all about modern styling, and comes in your choice of red, blue, or white. Its underseat storage can stash a full-face helmet (nice), and it also comes with a Bluetooth audio system with twin weatherproof speakers so you can share your excellent music taste with everyone as you silently roll by.  

Finally, the Cargo is a three-wheeled delivery scooter—and if you think you’ve seen it before, it’s because you totally have. It’s manufactured for Benzina Zero by Aidea, and first started helping to ease Japan’s delivery and sustainability woes earlier in 2021. If you needed a further reminder of how interconnected we all are to each other, and how collectively meeting environmental goals depends on all of us working together, here’s another good example. While it’s too early to say at the moment, it will be interesting to see how Benzina Zero’s efforts at getting its fleet into the hands of happy customers in multiple regions fare.

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