The COVID-19 crisis has changed the way we work, socialize, and dine out. While some restaurants open outdoor or indoor seating, most people are still resorting to delivery during the ongoing pandemic. Though fewer commuters are clogging the roadways, delivery services can rack up the miles during this unique time.

With parts of still overwhelmed by the virus, delivery drivers are more important than ever. To meet the increased demand while reducing the impact on the environment, Japan Post and McDonald’s Japan already adopted the Aidea AA-Cargo electric scooter. The three-wheeled layout perfectly suits delivery applications with the two-wheeled rear end supporting a large cargo platform.

The rear wheels also feature independent suspension, allowing the driver to lean the electric scooter like a conventional one-track vehicle. The AA-Cargo's small footprint can easily navigate tight urban roadways and achieves a 98-km (60.9-mile) range thanks to the 48V, 3.85 kWh battery. While Japan Post and McDonald’s prefer the premium model, the AA-Cargo α4 caters to smaller Japanese chains like Pizza Cooc.

Aidea AA-Cargo - Headlight
Aidea AA-Cargo - Great-Z

Equipped with a moped-classified engine, the α4 doesn’t require a motorcycle/scooter license to operate, greatly expanding the driver pool. The smaller AA-Cargo still nets 98 km (60.9 miles) on a full charge and recharges in three hours. The 50cc equivalent electric retails for ¥877,800 ($8,027 USD), and Aidea offers a battery subscription service to owners for an additional monthly fee.

Pizza Cooc will roll out its AA-Cargo α4 fleet in partnership with the new Dogengers: Nice Buddy children’s program. Nothing goes together like costumed heroes and pizza, and the Japanese chain will wrap the electric scooters with an image of the character Galaxy New Star Great Z to attract customers.

The AA-Cargo fleet will help Pizza Cooc adapt to the new normal while meeting the company’s internal Sustainable Development Goals. The coronavirus has changed our entire way of life, but Aidea’s AA-Cargo electric scooter is helping businesses and customers adapt to ever-changing circumstances.

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