Savic, named after its founder, Dennis Savic, has just announced that it’s been able to secure $1.14 million AUD worth of funding to green-light production. 

It’s not too common to see Aussies come out with things on two wheels. More known for things on four with the prominence of the Holden versus Ford rivalry that’s been going on for ages, it’s more than just interesting to see an electric two-wheeled brand from the land down under. 

A majority of the investment money will come from the Australian Federal government’s Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre, which is a tax-funded acceleration and investment tank for Aussie-grown businesses—a criterion that is well-met by the Savic brand. 

Savic C-Series

The Australian brand is said to introduce three versions of its C-Series of motorcycles by late 2022, and the reports are stating that the most entry-level of models will retail for $12,990 AUD, or just a fiver under $9,500 USD in today’s exchange rates. The most affordable model in the supposed range will pack a 25 kilowatt, or 33.5 in good old horsepower, putting it on par with the likes of the BMW G 310 R, or other similar 300cc displaced motorcycles. 

What will be the most powerful of the bunch, however, will be the C-Series Alpha models, which will sport a 60-kilowatt motor (80 horsepower) with up to 200 Newton-meters (147 pound-feet) of torque—similar in output to a middleweight motorcycle like the Yamaha MT-07. If that’s a little too much for you, then a middle-of-the-road option would be the 40-kilowatt (53.6 horsepower) variant. The brand will allegedly price these bikes at $23,990 AUD and $16,990 AUD, respectively, or about $17,500 USD and $12,400 USD. 

Moreover, the brand is also fitting a 16-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery to power the motor. These cells will allow the bike an assumed range of about 250 kilometers, or 155 miles thereabout. 

Savic C-Series
Savic C-Series

Savic is also collaborating with Bosch in order to develop an anti-lock braking system that will be unique to the brand’s models. 

The brand will start rolling out in Australia first, and then to the rest of the world given good reception—hopefully. It’s hard not to ignore the style that these Savic bikes will bring, along with the fact that you could be ripping it emission and guilt-free.

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